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Welcome to the English section of pda-soft - the site with a passion for the cream of the crop of PDAs: The Apple Newton and its bigger sibling, the Apple eMate.

If you came here looking for something other than Newtons or eMates, please don't leave yet. Take a little time to look around. Learn why a hand-held device is still, more than ten years after its demise, beating many of today's PDAs hands-down. Newtons and eMates are still in regular use thanks to thousands of avid users worldwide!

On this website you'll find loads of useful advice on maintaining and repairing your little green friend. Your battery can be rebuilt, and that eMate ribbon cable can be replaced. Just go inside for step-by-step instructions for dealing with these and other life-threatening hardware disasters.

But that's not all. Free Newton books and software to download, reviews of relevant books and third-party hardware, handy FAQs plus Newton-related stories (some of which will make you smile) are also waiting for you.

And if you've got a Newton problem that needs solving, or a question to ask that isn't covered in the FAQ, just drop me an E-Mail for friendly, free support. Usually an answer can be expected promptly, but please bear in mind that I do have a family and a social life as well :-)

Enjoy your stay, and let the Green live on...

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